Listed below are some of the organisations and Executive Managers who have drawn on Jeff's knowledge and skills to assist their organisation and themselves personally in their roles. They have kindly given their Recommendations for Jeff Sparkes.

"The best thing our organisation ever did was engage and keep engaging the services of Jeff Sparkes from Gloryfire Consulting Services".

"Jeff brought a service to us that we honestly couldn’t fault. He was always professional, timely and very cost effective. What impressed me most with Jeff was his eye for detail and commitment to ensuring that everything was set up in such a way that there were no ambiguities and that future growth was planned for from the beginning. Jeff was always very honest, ensuring that we were making decisions based on solid facts and truth. Jeff is clearly very highly skilled with a depth and breadth of experience in dealing with both for profit and not for profit organizational structures."

"Since engaging Jeff in 2000 we have maintained use of his consultancy and have recommended him to many other organisations who have experienced the same levels of satisfaction. The advice and strategies given us by Jeff once implemented have always produced excellent results, Jeff always under promised and over delivered. Our organisation would definitely not be where it is without Jeff’s excellent services."

Ken Houliston
Director - The Spot Community Services Limited
Senior Pastor - Church on The Spot
Browns Plains, Brisbane

"Our Training Organisation has delivered accredited Training to around 15,000 students in the past ten years around Australia and overseas. We have engaged Jeff as a consultant periodically throughout this time. He initially provided guidance to me at the time of the establishing a for-runner incorporated entity over 15 years ago, and then subsequently assisted us with the restructuring that took place about four years later. His advice, support, and administrative work has been valued greatly throughout the years in both formative and developmental phases."

"Most recently, we engaged Jeff for the purpose of gaining Tax Deductable Gift Recipient status for our organisation with respect to both our Building Fund, and Student Bursary Fund. The achievement of this status can be very difficult, but with Jeff's involvement the process became very straight forward. This was a result of his understanding ... being combined with his insightful awareness of our organisational structure and operational activities."

"Jeff is a hard working person of integrity who has the capacity to deliver a unique blend of services that would be of great benefit to many developing or established organisations and businesses."
Paul Truasheim
CEO and Founder
Universal Education and Training Limited
Nambour, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

"(Access Community Services is) a large not for profit organisation providing settlement services for refugees, as well as employment services and social enterprises for the community. We have experienced high growth in recent years, tripling in size in the last four years."

"After receiving advice from various lawyers and other consultants, we contacted Jeff ... Jeff's advice clearly spelled out the benefits and detriments of each option ... We found Jeff's advice very appropriate as he communicated the options to us in a way that was easy for the Executive and the Management Committee to understand."

"Jeff successfully coordinated the process of consulting all government departments, staff, and other stakeholders to advise them of our proposed change in legal structure and the steps that would be taken. In addition, Jeff had regular contact with the ATO and ASIC ... Overall, Jeff's expertise and experience ensured that there was a smooth transition into the new legal entity."

"Jeff was also contracted to provide us advice on our Social Enterprise projects. The analysis provided to us by Jeff discovered that we had we had some gaps ... that were disabling our business to flourish. As a result, Jeff's analysis and advice empowered us to reach a point where we could make clear and informed decisions on the operation of these businesses."

"... Jeff (also acted as) our Commercial Manager ... his proposal to change our operating procedures (for our removals business operations) ensured that we operated efficiently."

"We decided to sell our Medical Centre arm ... Jeff orchestrated the whole process from start to finish. He negotiated the business sale contract, terms of sale, handover of the lease and supplier contracts, as well as consulting with the Medical staff employees of the impact on their employment."

"It was a great relief for me and the Executive that we could put the sale of our business into the hands of a trusted and proven consultant. Jeff comprehensively addressed all our liabilities, risks, rewards and legal compliance obligations with the sale of our Medical Centre. I have found Jeff's professionalism and positive attitude has greatly assisted me in my role as Deputy CEO."

"It is clear that Jeff has an excellent understanding of the operation of not for profit organisations. His ability to adapt to our culture and vision was key to our success in implementing these major changes."
Daniel Zingifuaboro
Deputy CEO
Access Community Services Limited
Logan, Brisbane

"Of even greater worth than these valuable skills (that Jeff possesses), is the extremely high degree of integrity with which he conducts his life - without fear or favour. You will find this view echoed by everyone who knows Jeff. It is one thing to have the skills in the business arena; however there are often times when ethical decisions need to be made that can impact on the long term viability and success of an organisation. The collapse of the HIH Insurance Group is a good example of where managers with integrity could have achieved a different outcome. In these situations I would like to have someone of Jeff's calibre guiding the decision making process."
Angus McCracken
Ibrahim Ministries International


Full copies of Recommendations available upon request.