Not for Profit (NPO) Services

Businesses, churches and ministries need a blend of spiritual insight and management acumen in order to make the best decisions. In addition to consulting and management services to businesses, Gloryfire Consulting provides a specialised non-profit Service to church and ministry organisations; schools and colleges; charities and non-profit business offering advice, training and consultancy on a wide range of areas including taxation structure and audit. The Service, offered by Christian professionals, uses the skills of a Management Consultant, a CPA/Auditor and Solicitor at realistic costs. Services include: 

  • Establishing the structure and Australian Taxation Office Income Tax Exempt Charity applications for your organisations activities;
  • Creation of Public Funds for Education Buildings or Religious Education in State Schools;
  • Complex deductible applications to the Commonwealth Treasurer including Cultural Organisations, Overseas Disaster Aid and Relief, and Prescribed Private Foundations;
  • Various Compliance Reviews of organisations from internal administrative procedures, Charity DGR Annual Reviews, change of circumstances and assiatnce with ATO Fringe Benefits Tax compliance;
  • Training Seminars for church/ministry and Public Benevolent Institution’s administrators;
  • Specialist services in establishment and gaining ATO approval for Deductible Gift Recipient and Public Benevolent Institution status;
  • Assistance in selection, recruitment and ASIC Directors responsibilities training NPO Board Members.

Our list of clients includes William Buck (NSW) Accountants, Christian Outreach Centre - Australia and International, at Head Office level and local Centres. Assemblies of God churches and Queensland State Office, Christian City Churches including Oxford Falls; Churches of Christ, Vineyard churches, Churches of the Nazarene Australian Conference and Theological College, Baptist churches and Christian Ministries including YWAM and Children for Christ.